“Everything I needed for my work and life,” according to Carpe Diem Films LLC CEO Anna Wilding, has been successfully recovered by CBL. Marketing and publicity material—trailers, photographs, and press releases—for critically-acclaimed feature documentary film “Buddha Wild: The Monk in a Hut,” as well as screenplays and contact lists were rescued by CBL at its Armonk laboratory. This enabled the filmmaker to meet critical deadlines for the March screening of “Buddha Wild” in New York City.

In time for Cannes, CBL gets data back for Carpe Diem Films

The successful retrieval of three years of work and other works-in-progress from New York-based Wilding’s laptop computer will enable her to participate at the Festival de Cannes’ Producer’s Network. Other critical information recovered is required to market and raise investment for “Buddha Wild” as well as Carpe Diem Films’ new film projects including “Counterswirl” and “Butterflies.”

Wilding was juggling several projects when her computer abruptly crashed. Ms Wilding explains, “I saw CBL’s advertisement in the phone book stating 24 hour service. I decided to put them to the test and was surprised when someone answered the telephone at midnight. I couldn’t believe it.”

Wilding had deadlines to meet which became CBL’s if the public screening of “Buddha Wild” was to happen. Her computer files also included a new screenplay for a project for which she had secured financing. She personally delivered the hard drive to the data recovery laboratory in Armonk for a free evaluation.

“CBL technicians know how important these recoveries are and were cognizant that a lot was at stake for Carpe Diem Films and Ms Wilding personally,” remarks Bill Margeson, President and CEO of CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. “The staff put in a stellar performance. Within 48 hours, Ms Wilding had her data back.”

When my computer crashed I was unnaturally calm about it. I must have known CBL was there waiting for me.

“It is due to the kindness and understanding of CBL staff that I was able to meet every deadline,” states Wilding. “When my computer crashed I was unnaturally calm about it. I must have known CBL was there waiting for me.”