With adoption of solid-state drive (SSD) technology on the rise the last few years, whether you are using it for the performance/speed boost, believe they are more reliable, or simply like working with the cutting edge of technologies – hardware does fail. When data loss happens CBL can help in your time of need.

Unlike hard disk drives, solid-state drives store data in flash memory chips. This means that while there are no moving mechanical parts they rely on a composition of specific electronic circuit assemblies and connectors to operate.

SSD technologies vary but at CBL we can recover from the common implementations like SATA etc. but also work with other proprietary connections including:

  • M.2 SSDs
  • Apple SSDs
  • Lenovo Carbon SSD
  • and more…

Data loss can occur for a number of reasons including those common to other media formats we recover data from like accidental deletion, fire/flood damage, virus contamination, and data corruption. However they also tend to be inflicted with problems unique to the technology.

Common Causes of Solid-State Data Loss CBL Helps With:

  • Power surge damage
  • Electronic component damage
  • Overheat damage to printed circuit boards/connectors
  • Controller circuit failure
  • Flash degradation causing unit failure

The Process for SSD Data Recovery

Begin the CBL data recovery process by filling out our online data recovery form or simply call us toll-free at 1-800-551-3917 to speak to one of our customer care professionals. Your CBL customer care professional will ask you a series of questions to determine the cause of your data loss situation and will guide you through the recovery process.

Depending on the level of service you require, your data could be recovered in as little as 24 hours.

Once your SSD is received by CBL, it is immediately logged into our system. At this point, you will receive a call from your CBL customer care professional who will confirm receipt of your device and gather any additional information required by our data recovery engineers.

Your drive is then placed in our lab for a free evaluation. During this evaluation, a copy of your it is made. As part of our service commitment to you, a workable copy is necessary in order to ensure the integrity of your original data is maintained at all times.

As soon as the evaluation is complete, your customer care professional will contact you with the lab results. If data recovery is possible, a quotation will immediately emailed to you for approval.

Once your data is recovered it is taken through a strict quality control process to ensure the data is in a usable format.

Your data will be returned to you on separate destination media. In most cases hard drives are used but other format options are available as needed.

In the unfortunate situation where no data is recoverable, there will be no charge to you for the evaluation or data recovery attempt.

To arrange shipment of SSD, please fill out the online form. Our online data recovery system will provide you with a job reference number for tracking purposes along with shipping instructions for your media.

You can also begin the data recovery process by calling 1-800-551-3917.