Regular data back ups and business continuity plans are critical aspects for ongoing business success. And that’s no exception for Michael Barrons, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cannon Hygiene, providers of innovative hygiene, pest control and life safety products and solutions.

“This data was the lifeblood of my day-to-day business”

Last fall, when he tried to boot his laptop computer, it just wouldn’t respond. He powered up and down several times but to no avail. “The hard drive just crashed,” explains Barrons. “It was diagnosed as a severe disk failure and I lost all my sales, marketing and email data. This data was the lifeblood of my day-to-day business. Without it, I couldn’t reach out effectively to our many customers in the commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare sectors. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a back up.”

After a day of frustration, Barrons says that he gave his computer to the company’s in-house IT service staff to see if they could decrypt the drive and get it restarted. When their efforts were unsuccessful, Cannon shipped it off site to another IT group. “They struggled with it for several days until they too gave up,” he says. “But fortunately, I found CBL online, called their toll free number and they told me to bring it in for a free diagnostic. I thought I was calling into the United States, but soon discovered that I reached CBL’s main data recovery laboratory in Markham, Ontario – just around the corner from my office. So I dropped the computer off the next day.”

Adds Barrons, “I really like CBL’s ‘no data, no charge’ policy, so I didn’t really have anything to lose and everything to gain at this point. Their expert technicians reassured me that their years of experience suggested they would stand behind their success rate and we should at least give it a try to recover the data. By this time, it was a last ditch effort since we couldn’t do it ourselves.”

“CBL’s reaction time was great and very quick during the recovery process,” says Barrons. “I received a response the same day saying that they were already looking into the cause of the data loss. Within 24 hours I had a quote and approved the job.”

After a couple of days, Barrons says that CBL was able to retrieve most of his data so he could pick up where he left off prior to the failure.

So what were some of the lessons learned? “Always back up to an external hard drive or to the network at least once a week. I am now a convert to regular back ups,” he says.

“I have no hesitation in recommending CBL to other customers in a similar situation,” concludes Barrons. “We would certainly use CBL’s services in the future but we just hope we never have to speak with them again. We really don’t aspire to be a repeat customer.”