High School Teacher Connects Biologist with Canadian Data Recovery Experts

Irreplaceable documentation, photographs of threatened species and important evidence gathered by the Costa Rican-based Fundacion Durika (Durika Foundation) to fight environmental crimes against the Durika Biological Reserve have been rescued by CBL Data Recovery. Priceless files were recovered from the hard drive of biologist and ecologist Eugenio García López which was shipped an estimated 3800 kilometers from his home on the hillside of the Costa Rican eco-village to CBL’s data recovery laboratory near Toronto.

The Durika Foundation (www.durika.org) is a self-sustaining eco-community comprised of approximately 30 individuals who live permanently 1,650 meters above sea level to help conserve, protect and explore the Costa Rican tropical cloud forest as well as to reverse the negative impact of modern agricultural practices on the mountainous landscape that the indigenous people-the Cabécar and Bribri-farm which is so vital to their existence, environment and heritage.

When López could not access the files on his laptop’s hard drive, he was in despair. He contacted his Canadian colleague and friend, Warren Goldblatt, a teacher at Burlington Central High School and a member of Friends of Durika, a not-for-profit Canadian organization that supports the work undertaken by the Durika community in Costa Rica (www.friendsofdurika.org).

“The photographs contained on the damaged external hard drive represent hundreds of hours of research by biologists in the cloud forest while hiking through dense, virgin jungle where no one probably has ever been before,” explains Eugenio Garcia López. “Many of these photographs we believe represent the only scientific evidence of new discoveries of plant and animal species that may be on their way to extinction. It is important that we learn more about these species so that we can offer them better protection.”

In CBL’s clean room at its Markham laboratory, CBL technicians examined Lopez’s disk drive and determined that there was damage to the read/write heads which prevented him from accessing the files. The binary data on the hard drive’s platter was copied using proprietary processes and software. File and file structures were reconstructed and the priceless photographs and documentation were then copied to an external hard drive and returned to Goldblatt who personally delivered the data to López in Costa Rica last month.

Adds López, “As the only environmental police in the area, the information and images the Fundacion Durika collects are used to prosecute offenders involved in such destructive activities as setting forest fires or deforestation. These photographs are crucial to us in order to successfully proceed with cases and bring the offenders to justice.”

“Thanks to CBL, other individuals not fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica can still admire and applaud the efforts of this dedicated group of individuals.”

“The efforts of the Durika community to preserve the Costa Rican cloud forest so adults and students may continue to visit and share in its beauty are commendable,” states Goldblatt. “Thanks to CBL, other individuals not fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica can still admire and applaud the efforts of this dedicated group of individuals. Adults and students alike can learn from the Durika community and apply some of their practices to their own daily lives in Canada.”

“This particular recovery was very satisfying to the CBL staff. Customers often expect that their data won’t be recoverable. They should not panic,” comments Tim Margeson, General Manager of CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. “Drives containing priceless, irreplaceable data come through our doors daily. We recognize the personal connection that people have to their data. In this particular case, these files were not simply bits and bytes of data. They represented a commitment to protecting a special part of the world. So whether you’re living in the tropical cloud forest a mile above sea level or on the Arctic tundra, if your computer crashes and you cannot access files, there is a very good chance that CBL’s team of data recovery professionals will get your data back”