“A day without my data is a dark, dark day,” proclaims Greg Flint of Australia, a sentiment shared by many, if not all, CBL customers. However, for Greg that day became a year and very, very dark.

Greg recalls:

“I keep all my personal stuff on external hard drives, so I can upgrade computers easily. Over a couple of years, I had accumulated a mountain of photos, ripped my whole CD collection, carefully stored all versions of my CV and other work documents and reference data onto one external hard drive. I ordered a second hard drive when it occurred to me how vulnerable I was with only one. Anyway, the day before the backup external drive arrived…click…click…click…”

Sound familiar? For many of CBL customers, the clicking noise emitted from their computer is the precursor to a random hard drive failure. For Greg, it was the beginning of a year that he described as “a blur” when he “tried everything under the sun to get that stuff back.”

Even a knowledgeable computer user with good intentions can suffer data loss

“Occasionally I would manage to recover a couple of files before it all went bad again. Eventually, I bit the bullet and sent the failed drive to CBL’s Brisbane lab,” recalls Greg.

When he received a list of his recoverable files, Greg Flint of Australia recounts “The clouds dispersed, the sun came out, and the birds started singing.”

Upon completion of the evaluation of the drive by CBL staff, Greg received a quote and a list of the recoverable files. “As I read the list,” recounts Greg, “the clouds dispersed, the sun came out, and birds started singing.”

Greg proceeded with the recovery of his data which included priceless and sentimental photographs of friends, family and travel, insurance documents, technical references for work, his entire music collection, and business contacts and their addresses.

Words of Advice

It’s not a matter of if data loss will occur; it’s simply a matter of when. Greg Flint couldn’t agree more.

“That was money well spent. The data came back to me safe and sound and you should see my backup regime now. I recommend CBL to friends, as there is always a number of people each year who mention that their ‘laptop is playing up’ Sort out your backups. Your hard drive failure is just about to happen.”