A CBL Data Recovery Success Story

When Kardinal Offishall, the Juno Award winner and Canada’s “hip-hop ambassador”, discovered that he could no longer access files required for an imminent recording session at an US studio later the same week, he did the right thing. He called CBL Data Recovery.

CBL technicians recovered the critical files from the hard drive of Kardinal’s laptop. Thanks to CBL, Kardinal’s fans will soon enjoy his new CD, Not 4 Sale, to be released Spring 2008.

Kardinal Offishall was fortunate that CBL technicians successfully recovered his data. He sought CBL’s help immediately.

If you hear strange noises being emitted from your computer such as clicking or grinding, your hard drive could possibly be physically damaged.

While Kardinal’s fans will be listening to his new CD soon, don’t forget to listen to your hard drive and don’t ignore the warning signs.

You, too, should do the right thing.

  • Turn off your computer immediately – further operation may damage data beyond repair.
  • Do not attempt to operate any visibly damaged device.
  • Do not agitate or shake a system that has been damaged.
  • Do not attempt to open the hard drive.
  • Do not run scandisk on a hard drive that you suspect has suffered physical damage.
  • Do the right thing. Call CBL.