People often think data loss is a one time, isolated occurrence. We recently completed a recovery for a customer who had suffered data loss a second time. While we don’t like seeing someone again, we are happy to help them again.

It’s always nice to hear how things went as well!
Sunny shares her experience of a second data loss in her own words here:

From: Sunny B.
Subject: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Testimonial

Twice Bitten!

In 2014, I had occasion to walk into the offices of CBL Data Recovery with a failed hard drive and no backup; needless to say, it was embarrassing!

After examining the drive, the folks at CBL told me that, sadly, my drive did not appear likely to be recoverable. They worked at it for some days more, only to then report the same. I had lost both work data, which created a logistical nightmare, and personal, sentimental data, which was, well, gut wrenching. Some days after that, thinking that all that was left to do was to pick up the offending drive, I again received a call from CBL. Apparently, they had not given up! They kept at it right up until they were able to retrieve all of the lost data!

Fast forward to 2019, and again I walked into the offices of CBL, offending drive in hand, and, you guessed it, no backup. My embarrassment of 2014 had now blossomed into a full blown walk of shame!

A few hours later I got a call from CBL that the drive was recoverable. A discussion relating to best practices ensued, during which I was gently, and not without humour, reminded that in as much as referred business would be welcomed, I was actually not meant to provide repeat business! Since I already knew that my data was safe, I was able to chuckle at this.

This time around, based on my 2014 experience, I had the confidence that if my drive was at all recoverable, the folks at CBL would get it done. I was spared the process of agonizing over where to turn for help, I knew exactly where I was going. This time, I did not lose sleep over this unfortunate event. Well, not much anyway.

If you find yourself needing help with data recovery, and you happened to find your way to CBL, consider yourself lucky. Even if you have already tried elsewhere, and were told that the situation was hopeless, do not give up, and do let the folks at CBL give it a go. They are capable and tenacious (and very nice people too!) and for these reasons, they get truly marvelous results. I am so grateful! Sure, the people at CBL provide a service, but somehow, it feels like more than that – absolutely above and beyond the call of duty!

— Sunny B.