Founded in 1993, CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is one of the world’s leading data recovery service providers. Read more about CBL and basic press info below.

Company Profile:

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is a leading international provider of computer data recovery services for clients experiencing data loss due to hardware failure, natural disaster, software corruption, virus contamination or human error.

CBL employs proprietary techniques to recover data quickly and effectively from a wide array of media including hard drives of laptops, personal computers, servers, RAID arrays and SAN/NAS systems, tapes, and other magnetic or optical media. CBL offers services through its network of data recovery laboratories, customer service centres and authorized partners.

Service Commitment:

CBL offers customers free evaluation of their affected media and provides a free quote. In addition, CBL extends to all customers a “No Data, No Charge” service guarantee on all recovery projects. If for any reason CBL is unable to successfully recover the data, the customer does not incur any charges. Customers only pay for results.

About Data Loss:

  • Seventy percent (70%) of all projects have some sort of physical damage
  • Thirty percent (30%) consist of all jobs are a result of logical damage, meaning the media still functions correctly, but the data is not accessible

Causes of Data Loss:

  • Human error – accidental deletion of data by users, errors by Information Technology personnel, and trauma caused by dropping the hard disk and/or computer.
  • Hardware malfunction – physical and electrical (i.e., damage to the media surface or electrical damage to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and/or components inside the drive such as the read/write heads).
  • Software malfunctions – corruption caused by diagnostic or repair tools as well as improper back-ups.
  • Viruses – damage and or deletion caused by such viruses.
  • Natural disasters – Fire, smoke, and flood.


CBL recovers data from all makes, models, and operating systems of storage media including, but not limited to:

  • Internal and external hard drives of laptops, desktop PCs, Macs, and servers
  • RAID storage array systems
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Networked Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Tape and backup systems
  • Smartphones, iPods
  • Zip, jaz and floppy disks
  • Flash cards
  • USB thumbdrives

Corporate Milestones

After 20+ years of data recovery, there are many stories, recoveries and expansions in our history. Here is a brief overview of CBL’s corporate development and highlights as well its expansion around the globe.
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In the Community

As CBL Data Recovery has grown, devoting some time and resources to charitable causes has remained part of our corporate culture every year since starting in 1993.
Whether it is making annual corporate contributions, encouraging employee giving or supporting local youth, CBL tries to make a difference in all of the communities that it calls home around the world.

Latest endeavour in Canada – CBL supporting the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation’s Buy-A-Bed Campaign

Media Relations

For inquiries you can reach out to our media relations team via our contact form.

Videos: Broadcasting Ourselves

You can watch a variety of interviews and coverage videos and subscribe to CBL on YouTube!


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